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2-14-16 Valentine’s Day

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Joseph Prince Animation of the Cross YouTube Video

Bad things happen to us because:
1.) Choices we make
2.) The Devil
3.) We live in a fallen world

God’s unconditional love changes everything. It is impossible to live a Christian life. We need Jesus.

The war between God and man is over, all because of Jesus. Jesus paid the wages of sin and death. He did not have to do it, but He did it out of love. “You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you.”

I love him because he loved me first. Life is good because my life is in Jesus Christ.

Pastor gave the origin of Valentine’s Day: (research)

The cross was the final piece of the puzzle.

Agape – unconditional love, always giving and impossible to take away. God is totally committed to us. God’s love is totally selfless. He deals with our circumstances no matter our response.

We love superheroes because that is who we were before the fall. *(Reminds me of the Pirates with super powers game that Rayne and I play.)

To know God is to love God. He created man for relationship. Sin separated man from God.

The devil cannot operate as long as we are in the light. Stay in God’s word. Stand your ground. The devil has peeped into our future. He knows what damage we are going to do.